Monday, December 10, 2012

Manicures Gone Wrong

We Here at the Fashion Lounge Love Manicures, Nail Polish and Nail Art.  But there are times we have to pause and wonder just what went wrong?  and why?  Take a look at several manicures gone terribly wrong. Photos courtesy of MadameNoire, WTF Nails & 

When Product Placement Goes Horribly Wrong.  Unless you are receiving an endorsement deal, there is no need to be a walking billboard.  But, Diet Dr. Pepper is one of my all time faves

What did Tootsie Rolls ever do to this woman?

Yes You Can Have Too Much of a Good Thing



Happy Horror-Day! Winter and Reindeer Inspired

Cute until you have to do your hair or go to the bathroom

More Mess.  Please Stop This Madness!!

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